Hello, how can we help you?


Absolutely. This program is specifically catered to the growth and smooth transition of people like you who want to learn. KOSS and the mentors will help you wherever possible.
There is no deadline for selecting projects nor is there any restriction on the number of projects you can contribute to; you can also switch between projects as much as you want. The only necessity is that you should have made at least one commit before mid-term evaluations.
Kharagpur Winter of Code is to be done remotely from home, and it is not required for you to be student of ANY particular institute.
No, KWoC is a program which aims at helping participants learn how to contribute in the open-source world. This activity prepares you for various open source opportunities such as Google Summer of Code, Rail Girl's Summer of Code and Outreachy.
We do encourage participation into project development from everyone; but if you are a mentor we won't be publishing your stats nor will you be going through evaluations.
Nothing makes us happier than people spreading words about open-source; to begin, you can like our facebook page and increase awareness about KWoC in your college; nothing works better than word of mouth.
Please make sure to read the website. If after reading through it you still don't have an answer please consider reaching out to us on our mail address (available in the footer).


There is absolutely no selection criteria for students. You are selected in the program as soon as you register. So you don't have to ask your mentors "How to get selected for your project?", but instead go ahead with "How can I contribute to your project?".
If can not find your college name on Kshitij Website, simply drop an email at admin@ktj.in and move ahead with the projects.
Please be patient with your mentor(s). If you do not get a response on the communication channel, contact the mentor on their email id. If no response for 3 days, inform us.
Students registration deadline is 10th December. The contribution chart goes live at the same time, so be quick, early bird catches the worm :) .
All the contributions that you will make in KWoC will be displayed on your GitHub timeline. So, that is a big plus if you are participating in any competitions and your GitHub profile is on display.
Sure ! Our program is open to all students irrespective of college !
There is no strict eligibility criteria as such. Read this Quora answer by Pranit Bauva : Answer
Play around git and GitHub. Create an account on GitHub, set up git on your machine and start experimenting with it. You can also begin by following Codecademy's git interactive tutorial.
Pretty fair ! You need to be working for the whole month regardless of your expertise level.
Other program similar to KWoC are GirlScript Summer of Code organised by GirlScript India. If you meant similar to GSoC, then look around, there are plenty of them e.g. KDE summer of code, Outreachy, Rails summer of code, etc.
GSoC requires 40 hours per week in summers. For KWoC, you may give 1-2 hours daily and that includes conversation with your mentor(s). More the projects you choose, more time in conversing about the work.
If you remain with us till the end of the program, then you'll receive a certificate for completion of the program.
Programming languages are just like communication languages; it is sufficient to know one or two, but the more you know the better it is.
If your purpose to be with us is pure, and you are deemed worthy; then yes!
Yes! You can even work in parallel on them. Well if you are a beginner it is advisable to focus your attention at one thing at a time. But the choice rests with you.
Participating in Open Source contribution improves your skills of software development and of a particular programming language. Depending on your project, you might be able to use some algorithms too. But you should not be direct improvement on your competitive coding skills.
That will based on mentor's feedback. You need to have done at least one commit by the mid-term to be eligible for continuing the program.